About Us

Delegate was created to bridge the growing divide between go-to-market strategy and the technology platforms critical to execution. As traditional employment models continued to erode, Delegate also re-imagined working relationships between contemporary organizations and the workforce of today that they employ - one that is more equitable for both parties in a rapidly changing world.

about delegate

What Drives Us

Managing a revenue operations model that centralizes tech stack management, data governance, and sales processes doesn’t have to be so difficult. According to a study, companies with aligned revenue support grew 19% faster and were 15% more profitable. This is what we do best and we are here to help.

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High Quality Results

We aim to provide high quality comprehensive technical expertise that drives results for your business. Our team consists of world-class experts who have worked across multiple industries and can offer diverse perspectives on how to solve your organization’s challenges.

Service Experience

We strive to provide the best possible service experience to all our customers. With us, you’ll have dedicated resources who stay connected to the ebbs and flows of your business needs.


We believe in delivering high quality service at affordable prices and flexible scope of work. We don’t want you to rationalize projects based on an hourly rate or stringent scope, which is why our flexible terms allow you to be more creative, agile, and meet business goals.

The Founding Team

Patrick Hudgins co-founder and CEO, Delegate

Patrick Hudgins

Co-Founder and CEO

Patrick Hudgins - Co-founder & CEO - Delegate

Robert Sur


Robert Sur delegate co-founder

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