LeanData x Delegate Promotion


To qualify, your organization must be:
  • -Under 1000 employees
  • -Using Salesforce as primary CRM
  • -Current or new LeanData customer
  • -Not a current or former Delegate customer within the last 6 months
The scope of complimentary services Delegate will provide will be limited to:
  • -Install fresh instance of LeanData or fix existing instance of LeanData: Lead/Contact to Account matching, assignment and routing of new Leads/Contacts/Accounts, re-assignment of existing Leads/Contacts/Accounts, de-Dupe of Leads/Contacts/Accounts
  • -Technical Assessment: Delegate recommendations for technical upgrades based on our analysis + audit
The complimentary services will not include:
  • -Salesforce configuration of other objects (e.g. Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities)
  • -Enhancement of Salesforce workflows, data models, pipeline stages, etc.
  • -Any Salesforce administration or customization not directly related to LeanData value realization

Complimentary services covering the scope as listed above will be limited to 1 month of Delegate standard System Administration services. Cannot be combined with any other active offers or promotions.