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Systems Administration


Per Delegate/month, billed quarterly

- Administration of Salesforce & related GTM systems

- Weekly sprints using agile methodology

- Real-time communication via Slack

- Access to shared task management platform


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this onsite or remote?

We’ll be there when you need us. The lion-share of our work is conducted remotely and supported via video calls & communication via Slack, but we are happy to come onsite periodically as needed. Travel costs may apply.

How many hours do I get?

Unlike traditional consulting firms, we don’t operate on an hourly model. Think of us as part of your team. Similar to a full-time hire, we will do what it takes to get the work done. We firmly believe this translates to a better experience for our customers - because we don’t count hours, you get the dependability of a full-time hire without the long-term commitments or cost.

Will you push back on requests?

Delegate is your strategic asset. We are here to support your journey and advising against some courses of action is part of that support. We can also help you enforce Rules of Engagement among your users.

I inherited a messy instance - can you help me?

You are not alone! We recommend starting with the Delegate's Complimentary Assessment. This is a no-cost option that will help you get some clarity on where things stand today. You can learn more about our process here.

I already have a sales ops team and/or technical resources. How will Delegate work?

We’re here to make your sales ops team look good. We can play a supporting role for your existing team and take on assigned tasks, work hand-in-hand with your existing team to achieve goals or take the lead on architecting your systems.

What’s your response time on Slack?

We strive to provide thoughtful responses as soon as possible. While most of your messages are responded to right away, we make sure that nothing is left unanswered for longer than 2 hours during business hours.

What other systems do you support?

We support popular sales and marketing systems around CRM, marketing automation, prospecting, client success, data enrichment and finance. See a list of our services here.

Wait – no SOWs!?

SOWs cost you time to define and rarely capture the extent of the work that needs to be done. Worst of all, SOWs emphasize the completion of a rigid set of requirements, rather than rewarding a thoughtful approach to tackling business needs as they change. We’ve designed the Delegate Engagement Model to ensure we are working on your highest value items at any given time - without tracking hours or being constrained by a static agreement. Learn about our model here.

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