Helping revenue teams accelerate into the future of work

The charter of revenue operations teams continues to grow, while lacking resources to deploy, optimize, and manage it at scale.

Delegate’s re-imaged employment model eliminates bottlenecks of traditional options so your team can stay agile and get the help they need.

We manage hiring, payroll, benefits, up-skilling, and support. You simply focus on the jobs to be done.

how delegate works

Discovery Assessment

We run a multi-point inspection of the current state of your technology. Together, we determine a game plan to bridge the gap between what you have and what you want.

Get Matched

Our platform matches you with the Delegate experts most closely aligned with your needs. As your priorities change over time, we are constantly re-evaluating your resources to ensure you are always matched with the perfect skillset. For example, you may need a Salesforce expert now, but in a few months, you may need a CPQ expert. Unlike other options, Delegate provides you with a community of experts, offering you the ultimate versatility for your growing business.

Quarterly Retrospectives

We re-establish priorities every week to ensure we are in lock-step with your evolving business needs. For each Delegate Sprint, we commit to deliverables for the week and provide demos, documentation and summary reports at the conclusion of each sprint. This ensures we are working on the most important items for your team, while providing you with maximum flexibility and visibility.

Real-Time Communication

We know sometimes things can get unpredictable. Outside of our weekly sprints, we are at your service via email and our Delegate for Slack integration 24/7. Whether you need to generate an urgent quote or need a last-minute dashboard for your board meeting, you can expect a response within 2 business hours from our experts.

The Delegate Advantage

Traditional solutions, like consulting firms or freelancers, can’t provide help at the speed, scale and quality that modern companies require. Delegate eliminates the need for complex contracts and offers an affordable way to manage your systems with the flexibility your team needs.

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how delegate works

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