Salesforce administration simplified.

Hiring Delegate's U.S. based Salesforce administrators helps revenue teams align their go-to-market strategy with technology. Increase organizational confidence and reduce operational costs with our contemporary employment model built for the leaders of today.

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A flexible model for uncertain times

We encourage you to pivot quickly and unapologetically. We believe in delivering high quality service at affordable, easy-to-understand rates on flexible terms. Our pricing is transparent without complex SOWs, overage charges, or add-on fees.

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Adopting your mission as our own

We will become part of your team. We can take care of your most time-sensitive tasks, so you can focus on driving strategy. We encourage you to pivot quickly and unapologetically. Our job is to help you win.

Your dedicated resource will feel like the closest thing to a traditional hire, without the overhead costs and management.

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Backed by a world-class community

Your dedicated Delegate is supported by a team of experts who have worked across multiple technologies and industries. Together, they can offer diverse perspectives on how to solve your organization’s challenges. Whether your priorities change or you need an extra set of hands, we are here to adapt to your evolving needs and provide additional horsepower when you need it.

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Trusted by best-in-class organizations


“We needed highly technical and strategic support and Delegate created a sense of ease for us by delivering on what they promised and doing it in a way that I knew I could trust the output produced. Deciding to work with Delegate has been one of the easiest choices I’ve made since working at LaunchDarkly as a sales operations leader.

Matt Sansone | Head of Sales Operations

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