Never worry about Salesforce ever again.

A flexible model for today

We work with a growing list of best-in-class organizations

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An innovative services platform

Work with the best Salesforce talent in the country, using a flexible service model that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Here to help you succeed

We are 100% focused on excellence in providing tech services for Salesforce and its ecosystem. We live and breathe it every day, without distractions.

An extension of your team

Delegates are true partners who work with you to achieve your strategic business objectives. They work tirelessly to get more done, faster, and accelerate your career.
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Fun to work with

Collaborate with energetic, creative, and analytical professionals who want to make your life easier and help you succeed.


You’ll never be surprised with our fixed rates and flexible terms of engagement.
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Work with right people

How do we do it?

Work with the right people with no strings attached

Work with right people
We identify your needs and match you with the right talent. You engage in a fast and flexible working model that gets the job done.

Work with best-in-class, pre-vetted, US-based Salesforce talent

Our Delegates are all masters at Salesforce and the myriad technologies that integrate with it. Working with Delegate means you’ll never have to worry about Salesforce ever again.

Bringing in Delegate as a team of external experts, who can say here is what is not working and here is how we can make it better, was very valuable. It gave us more momentum to get this across the line.
Emma Auscher
Head of Customer Experience
The Delegate resource has been critical, allowing us to maintain our abilities and capabilities. That’s why they’ve been a trusted partner for over three years now.
Justin Rogers
VP Revenue Operations
I like to say that Delegate is my premium support package for Salesforce. There’s always seasonality with the ebbs and flows of our business needs, and the flexible model Delegate offers is truly a game-changer.
Matt Sansone
Head of Sales Operations
What we like is that they have really good, skilled developers who also have good interpersonal skills. They know not just what we need done but why and how to do it in a better way.
Jace Gentil
Director, Global Business Operations
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Your success means everything

Your success means everything

Delegate has created a high-performance center for the top Salesforce experts in the country.
Flexiabe engagement model
Flexible engagement model allows Delegates to work remotely from anywhere
Take more control of their income, work-life, and development
Aligned incentives help Delegates take more control of their income, work-life, and development
Improve your skills & work on a different project
Improve your skills & work on a different project
Be part of a supportive & diverse community
Be part of a supportive & diverse community
Become a Delegate
I love the flexibility. There’s a high level of autonomy because we do our jobs and do them well.
Lisa Clossey
Principal Solutions Engineer
There’s a certain caliber of individuals that join this team – which enables a high level of trust.
Kyle Hegland
Principal Solutions Engineer
People here care about each other. We love seeing our teammates and clients be successful.
Chelsea Kung
Senior Solutions Engineer

Never worry about Salesforce ever again.

Out with the old, in with the new. Partner with us.

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