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Probo Medical
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“What we like is that they have really good, skilled developers who also have good interpersonal skills. They know not just what we need done but why and how to do it in a better way.” – Jace Gentil

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People in the healthcare industry know they can rely on Probo Medical for diagnostic imaging equipment sales, service, rental, and repair. And the people at Probo Medical know they can rely on Delegate for hands-on expertise in CRM and Salesforce. The two-year-old relationship keeps going strong.

Jace Gentil, Probo Medical’s Director, Global Business Operations, explained that it’s a challenge to keep up with the needs of a big company like his.

“The Delegate team is invaluable to us because it means I can keep up with the organization’s demands without having to bring in more people full time.”

Though working on a fractional basis, Delegates become an integral part of the organization and make it their business to understand its setup and what it needs.

“Delegates are good at learning the ins and outs of our organization.”

Finding the right solution

Before Probo Medical discovered Delegate, it relied on a different company for outsourced Salesforce talent. But that company didn’t have the level of expertise they required to keep up with new requirements and offerings. That was not the case for the people they’ve had on board from Delegate:

“What we like is that they have really good, skilled developers who also have good interpersonal skills. They know not just what we need done but why and how to do it in a better way.”

Gentil has been particularly impressed by the capability he’s seen from Delegate’s team leads and liaisons to achieve integrations between Salesforce and other components of their operations. They helped integrate it with their accounting software through a Workato translator to get the two to talk to each other.

Working together with the in-house people, they have helped the company through several different Salesforce initiatives, migrations, updates, and tests for the code. The company’s evaluator tool is one example.

To improve the customer experience, Probo Medical wanted to enable customers to evaluate their ultrasound probes without having to submit to them. With Delegate’s help, they were able to get the coding done to have that all happen on the website.

“The Delegate team is really good at figuring stuff out and getting things done that I don’t know or don’t want to do,” Gentil observed.

If he does want to learn how to do it, he’s found Delegates are always willing to share their knowledge, making time to show him how to do the fix.

Scaling up Salesforce

Just about a year ago, movement within the company landed Gentil with the responsibility for managing Salesforce for the organization. At that time, he was sent to the UK to onboard for a six month project involving Salesforce. He admits that he couldn’t have accomplished that without help from the Delegates in the United States.

“Their skills delivered operational synergies and efficiency, allowing us to maintain our ability to complete Salesforce projects in a timely manner. They also continue to help us improve the processes in place.”

Though Delegate was already set as part of the team when Gentil came to the role of managing Salesforce, he did his own evaluation of the service to assess the service to meet the ongoing needs of Probo Medical – considering if it made sense to add talent in-house or take on a different third party going forward.

“It was an easy decision to keep Delegate. It’s the best solution to allow our team to continue to grow at a fast pace without having to undertake extended onboarding processes.”

Impressive resourcefulness

What’s impressed Gentil the most about Delegate is that “they’re never afraid to say, ‘I don’t know the answer now but I know the person to ask for it.’ Sometimes people don’t like to admit what they don’t know, and that can waste time.”

He appreciates that honesty and is impressed with the Delegate collaborative capability and work ethic. Gentil’s observation on Brandon Weaver, the team lead is:

“He still makes time for us when we have troubling issues that we can’t solve ourselves.”

The very latest solutions

It helps that Delegates stay up to date on the latest releases from Salesforce to be certain they are aware of all possibilities when they approach a problem. What may have been impossible yesterday can become possible today when Salesforce releases a beta version of a new tool.

That’s how they finally were able to fix a process that had been at a standstill for years. The solution came to Weaver when he prepared a presentation on the Salesforce Winter Release, which attests to the value of being up on the release for feature implementation and consistent improvement of services.

Weaver realized that could replace the custom code that was plagued by significant errors with a declarative flow made possible by the new Salesforce release. Not only does this solve the problem now, but the declarative flow will make it easier to customize the tool in the future and also makes it less taxing on the entire system.

“Weaver helped us turn what used to be impossible into possible. That kind of industry on his part allowed us to solve other problems with the same kind of solution.”

A pleasure to work with

Even though Delegates work on a fractional basis, they bring 100% effort to the job and to the working relationship. Gentil appreciates Delegates for their ingenuity and for their being more than just engineers operating behind the scenes.

“I like working with Delegates because I get to know the actual people behind the keyboard, which makes it a little more fun.”

He also is impressed by the way the Delegate team is able to carry the business through to its goals and is confident of continued success:

“We have a lot of impressive goals for 2023 that we’re ready to hit.”