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When to Hire for a RevOps Manager & What to Look For
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When to Hire for a RevOps Manager & What to Look For

RevOps teams benefit your company because they prioritize cross-team communication over silos rather than dividing your marketing, sales, client success, and finance. The division stifles revenue growth and adds friction to customer journeys.

Companies all over the world now recognize the importance of RevOps teams to their success, and if you want to optimize the impact of your Revenue Operations team, you will need to recruit a trained Revenue Operations manager or leader. To employ this you must interview and analyze individuals to ensure that you select a top-tier manager, who is agile and imaginative.

Revenue Operations Manager Responsibilities

If you operate a small to mid-sized company, this will most likely be your first introduction to the Revenue Operations hiring process. At your level, the manager will be able to test the waters by driving revenue and improving your operational efficiency without having to work with a complete team right at once.

If you work for a larger organization, your Revenue Operations manager will almost certainly be supported by a team of RevOps analysts. Your manager will serve as the point of contact, delegate tasks, provide data insights to executives, and coordinate with other departments. Typically the responsibilities of a Revenue Operations manager include:

  • Identify revenue-generating opportunities to drive revenue, such as techniques to streamline your customer’s lifecycle, go-to-market strategies, and prospective sales procedures that need to be improved.
  • Enable and lead your Revenue Operations team
  • Work cross-functionally with finance, product, marketing teams, sales, business operations, customer success, and stakeholders to share centralized information and insights
  • Build revenue forecasts and manage dashboards so your Revenue Operation teams can understand the health of the business and meet goals.
  • Supervise system and data administration as well as recommendations for tools to improve analysis, data quality, and reporting.
  • Collaborate with leaders to operationalize, strategize, and plan the impact of business initiatives.

What to Look For in the Qualifications of a Revenue Operations Manager

Your Revenue Operations Manager will be a guide for your company and must be able to encourage revenue growth, communicate effectively, and identify and solve problems. You will want a Revenue Operations manager with these skills:

  • Job Experience
    • Three to five years of experience in Revenue Operations, Business Operations, and Sales Operations.
    • Proven experience as a liaison between cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
    • Ability to monitor critical performance and metrics indicators, analyze them and translate them into actionable strategies.
    • Presenting chops, specifically proven skills to effectively share and present data in a meaningful way. 
  • Technology Skills
    • Candidates must have a deep knowledge of critical GTM business systems, such as CRM (customer relationship management) software, from setup through configuration to reconfiguration including how to manage and maintain them.
    • Understanding of tools and apps as well as Excel at how to modify and analyze data within systems.
    • Demonstrate competency with Sales Enablement software, tools such as HubSpot, Groove, SalesLoft, BI (Business Intelligence)/Sales Intelligence, and Marketing Automation.

Great RevOps Candidates Should Possess These Intangible Qualities

These are some of the intangible qualities you should look for in your Revenue Operations manager candidates:

  • Must be able to address business challenges thoughtfully and in a way that makes sense for the rest of the company.
  • Be a data-driven decision-maker who uses concrete data to provide recommendations and make decisions. This individual should be able to solve, analyze, escalate, or delegate problems to suitable team members.
  • Plan ahead of time and consider how decisions will affect your business in the future.
  • Tenacity to think through and manage complex processes while making them understandable to others.
  • Strategize and develop new processes and workflows.

Solutions to Challenges When Hiring the Right RevOps Manager

The applicant pool for hiring the right RevOps manager is still developing and finding a candidate with years of experience in the sector may be difficult.