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August 23 | Blogs
Work-Life Balance, Solving Problems, and Ownership: Why We Love Working for Multiple Companies
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We’ve talked about the benefits of modern employee share models and how they can help your company reduce overhead–without losing coverage for important projects. But how do the workers themselves feel about it? 

We asked our system administrators here at Delegate. They expressed how re-imagined employment models such as ours give them reliable and stable work that helps them expand their skills. More importantly, working as a shared resource means they get to be part of multiple clients’ teams, while accelerating their own career development.

Real ownership

Our admins own their relationships with their clients and have the freedom to build their workflows in a way that suits both parties. This is in sharp contrast with the life of a “traditional” hire who’s always bogged down in extra work, or a consultant, who’s constantly managing amendments to SOWs. 

It’s also a boon for clients. Instead of decisions going through a complicated internal bureaucracy that’s plagued with office politics, clients can work directly with their systems expert. 

Shared admins only work with the platforms that they want to. Instead of generalized guidance, they bring expert advice and experience to the table. People from all backgrounds are attracted to systems like Salesforce because they can solve real business problems. Whether they came from oil and gas or ironworking, they’re hired and valued for the entirety of their skills.

Continuous learning and variety 

For many in-house IT admins who work full time for one employer, the work can easily slip into repetitive projects with no chance to stretch their skills by doing something new. The business problems they might solve are constrained by what their manager wants. 

While some people enjoy the daily or weekly routine, others want variety and the chance to work on challenging problems and investigate new ideas. Shared admins work with multiple clients, solving problems across industries and use cases. They have the chance to engage with their client’s smartest people and learn from industry experts, while also contributing to the team. 

Be a part of multiple teams 

Being an in-house systems admin can also be lonely. It’s often the case that they’re the only person at the company with the right platform skills. They manage projects by themselves or with internal clients that don’t really understand the scope of the work they do. Before long, they feel taken advantage of and overworked. This is the fast track to burnout and low morale.

Delegate’s admins have the chance to collaborate and validate their thinking with their teammates. Rather than struggling through a complex problem, we lean on each others’ experiences to overcome business challenges and truly help our clients break through barriers.

Scale up and scale down

Most people decide to work as a shared admin because they have obligations and life goals outside of the work they do. Perhaps they’re a new parent and want to scale down their workload to spend more time with their family. Or maybe they want to work from the road as they RV across the country

We believe in a culture that’s all about being a human first. If you’re saving up for a wedding, you can increase your workload and income. If you want to take more time for personal hobbies or traveling, you can reduce your workload. This is real work-life balance. It’s the freedom to adapt your career to your needs, without giving up the work you love to do.

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