May 02 | Blogs
Delegate. Brand. Elevated. 
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For outsiders looking in, today’s announcement can seem like another buzz-wordy marketing release.

Inspired by the past; built for the future!

No — this isn’t that. We’re not that.

It’s a momentous occasion for us because we finally get to tell the world who we are and what we’re about, unapologetically.

I started the company in 2017 really infuriated by two seemingly unrelated questions that repeatedly entered my brain:

Why do we continue to punish ourselves by adhering to the rigid constraints of an industrial-age 9-5 traditional employment model?

But also…

Why is Salesforce so complicated?

I found myself at a crossroads in my career. In my life, really. Trying to build high-performing teams with talented but unfulfilled individuals was becoming increasingly difficult. They felt stuck. I felt stuck. My work-life balance was out of whack. I was scrambling to help multiple companies – including my own –  ensure that Salesforce was helping them achieve their goals , not getting in the way of them.

Back then, I knew something had to be done, but didn’t really know how to solve it. In hindsight, I didn’t know much about anything. 

I didn’t really know myself.

Fast forward to today. Nearly 7 years of successes, failures, and everything in between. I’ve learned a ton about myself. I had to. Delegate has grown tremendously because of the people that have pushed us, stayed patient with us, and believed in us. We are not standing here today without them. I am not the person that I am today without them.

So today, we’re proud to unveil not just Delegate’s elevated new logo and branding, but a company that is truly elevating itself and an industry that’s been desperate for fresh ideas, fresh thinking, and a fresh approach.

Delegate logo

Our new logo is a reflection of how we are elevating our business and its unique approach to delivering services. 

Delegate is the future of work: where people – service providers and clients alike – come first. Where people are free to do their best work, and have fun while doing it. Where everyone isn’t just immensely talented, but also approachable and easy to work with – on both sides of the table.

We wanted a new logo that demonstrates motion — because that is what Delegate helps our clients and people do best. The sharp edges of the design suggest a strong, supportive, and unified framework, while the open spaces leaves room for Delegate’s people to fill them with the best version of their individual selves. 

It was important to us that our brand exuded what was most important to us: the strength that emanates from the perfect balance of freedom and stability; of unity and independence. 

To our valued teammates, partners, and clients, I want to let you know that the elevation of our brand above all else represents an elevation of the service experience that we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect, and will continue to build upon as the best in the industry, bar none. Key to this is ensuring that we remain grounded in our core values, and that elevation is ingrained into everything that we do.

Elevation is not a destination, but rather a motion. It’s the motion of a collective team, a resilient team — of a winning team.

I’m so proud of our group because growth isn’t always linear. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s humbling. It takes listening. It takes setting clear expectations. It takes courage.

But this is what Delegate is all about.

This is who we are.

Huge thanks and a debt of gratitude to our creative design and branding agency eDesign, who inspired us to tell our story in such a bold new way.

Most importantly, I can’t thank our clients enough for being on this journey with us — especially the ones who took a bet on Delegate at the beginning, when it was just a couple of kids trying to make work suck a little less. We’ll ride with you forever!