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June 26 | Blogs
Salesforce My Domain: The Must-Have Feature You're Missing
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Your Salesforce instance serves as a crucial touchpoint for customers, partners, and employees, acting as the gateway to personalized experiences and seamless interactions with your organization. Salesforce My Domain plays a pivotal role in shaping these interactions by putting your brand front and center. It allows you to customize URLs, boosting trust and creating a more cohesive user experience.In the United States, an overwhelming majority of customers (65%) prioritize positive brand experiences over high-quality advertising. Salesforce My Domain helps organizations create branded URLs to establish a strong brand identity, increasing user recognition and trust.

Generic URLs Undermine Your Brand

Out-of-the-box Salesforce URLs are long, complex, and use Salesforce’s branding. This generic appearance diminishes brand impact and creates an impersonal experience.

  • Missed Branding Opportunity: Every customer interaction with your Salesforce instance is a branding moment. Generic URLs squander this opportunity to reinforce your company’s identity and messaging.
  • Trust and Security: Users are more likely to trust websites and portals with custom URLs that align with the expected brand.

A customized My Domain provides several advantages to address the challenges of unclear URLs and maintaining brand consistency. These advantages include the alignment of URLs with your brand, presenting a personalized domain that mirrors your brand identity, and offering a cohesive brand experience.

  • Stronger Brand Identity: Solidify your brand with every interaction, whether a customer logs in, accesses a community portal, or interacts with a marketing campaign.
  • Enhanced Security: Custom domains that clearly align with your brand build users’ trust, increasing the likelihood of engagement and decreasing security risks.

Inconsistent User Experience Across Applications

Varying URLs across Salesforce apps can lead to confusion and impact brand perception negatively. Users experience fragmented journeys, making it difficult to navigate with confidence. Missed cross-selling opportunities result from a lack of seamless user experience, making it harder to offer relevant products and services. My Domain ensures a consistent, branded URL structure across all Salesforce applications and assets:

  • Seamless Navigation: Users enjoy a smooth transition between sales tools, marketing portals, and customer communities, promoting engagement and trust.
  • Improved Targeting and Personalization: Consistent user tracking across a single My Domain empowers data-driven personalization and targeted recommendations.

Limited Control and SEO Risks

Relying on default Salesforce URLs means you’re subject to potential changes and have less control over search rankings. This uncertainty introduces risk.

  • SEO and Visibility Loss: Search engine algorithms favor consistent and branded URLs. Forced URL changes can lead to a loss in rankings and reduced online visibility.
  • Risk of Broken Links: External assets and campaigns become vulnerable if underlying URLs change unexpectedly, requiring costly updates and hurting lead generation.

My Domain secures your digital presence for the long run:

  • Stable Branding: Protect your investment in marketing assets and search engine rankings with custom URLs that remain consistent over time.
  • Adaptability: My Domain allows you to evolve your brand and online offerings while maintaining control, and mitigating risk.

Elevate your brand with Salesforce My Domain today!