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Revolutionizing Marketing Cloud for Small Businesses
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On February 20, 2024, Salesforce unveiled Marketing Cloud Growth Edition (Finally!), a fresh iteration of Marketing Cloud designed to empower small businesses to efficiently fuel growth through CRM, AI, and data capabilities. Marketing Ops, prepare to elevate your marketing with these powerful new features, tailored for both startups and scaling enterprises.

1. Introducing Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has demonstrated its efficacy, with 12,391 businesses currently leveraging it—a number that continues to surge. This game-changer combines the muscle of marketing automation, sales, service, and commerce – all seamlessly integrated within the trusted Salesforce platform and powered by Einstein AI. This means you can connect your marketing efforts seamlessly with other vital aspects of your business, creating a unified customer experience that drives results.

2. Einstein AI: Your Secret Leverage for Smarter Marketing

Einstein, the AI mastermind behind Salesforce, is now more accessible than ever. Marketing Cloud Growth includes Einstein Engagement Scores, a powerful tool that helps you identify your most valuable customers and prioritize your marketing efforts for maximum impact. Imagine boosting customer lifetime value and driving loyalty like never before.

3. Smarter Automation, Better Results:

Salesforce is making it even easier to automate your marketing tasks with new features like:

Bonus: Stay Ahead of the Curve with Einstein AI
Einstein AI is now more accessible than ever. Marketing Cloud Growth Edition includes Einstein Engagement Scores, helping you identify your most valuable customers and focus your marketing efforts accordingly.

Ready to scale up your business with Salesforce? Now is the perfect time to explore the Marketing Cloud Growth Edition and start reaping the benefits of these exciting new features. Delegate experts can support you and your team with all things Salesforce. Let’s chat!

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